Saturday, 28 May 2011

Top Three Dances

These are the three dances I would most like to learn and the music that made me want to learn them. See if you aren't similarly inclined:

1. Jive

This is the dance as presented by Stefano Di Filippo and Anna Melnikova, 2008 World Champions. The dance itself lasts from 1:40 to 3:43.

I would very much like to dance the jive to this song from Hairspray:

2. Argentine Tango

I want to dance the tango like Deborah Quiroga and Carlos Barrionueva did at the 2006 Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires...

so I can dance to this, Gotan Project's Mi Confesion:

3. West Coast Disco

Just want to expand my swing skills to cover more musical genres such as these:

Benji and Heidi, as posted before:

and the Canadian West Coast Swing champions, Myles Monroe and Tessa Cunningham.

Sources: as given

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