Friday, 28 January 2011

Motivation for Language Teachers

Before the nasty late winter weather and the looming exams make you buckle...

Before the strain of struggling with unwilling and ungifted students gets to you...

When you are struggling to make the troglodyte students at least communicate in monosyllabic grunts...

At least we might be able to teach them to howl...



  1. Nice! Denne posten klarte jeg til og med å lese meg gjennom ;)

  2. Interesting method in describing the nature of unmotivated students

    Even though this seems to be an accurate description of the following audience, communication through primal expressions is not to be undervalued.

    Although every single person uses language in order to communicate with eachother, 90% of communication between two individuals is based upon body language and facial expressions.
    So if a student were to grunt of sigh, the following would tell way more about the persons current well being rather than exchanging half-belly-ended words. In addition to give you a signal on their current state of mind, the type of communication also takes place without the limits of words and syntax. The primal aspects will take over thus forming a way more efficient type of communication.

    If you look upon this correctly, these students are way brighter than the normal audience who choose to use words and language in order to express their thoughts and feelings.

    I thought this would elevate a different point of view..

    A sinister student..