Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The World à la Autocomplete

Partly inspired by Frank Jacobs' Strange Maps, I have asked the World to tell us a bit about its tastes and opinions. I did this by starting sentences in the google search engine and letting the autocomplete take care of the rest. The non-italicised words are mine. Let us see what the World had to say...

I love you Phillip Morris
I love you man
As hated by the world

I hate ryanair
I hate this part
I hate everything about you
I hate luv storys
Satan is waitin'

Satan is waitin

I eat boys like you for breakfast
I eat whale
I eat soul
I eat cheese but only on pizza

My baby just cares for me
My baby shot me down

Wikileaks is a cia front

I have a dream
I have no mouth and I must scream
I have nothing
Man-pretty freemason

I will never text again after seeing this

Ahmadinejad is hot
Ahmadinejad is a freemason

I must be emo
I must stick with you
I must let you go
I must break you
I must have them
I must say that at first it was difficult work
Who's ya' daddy?

My daddy was a bankrobber
My daddy drinks because I cry
My daddy was the black dahlia killer
My daddy taught me good

Johnny Depp has kids
Johnny Depp has dated
Johnny Depp has anxiety

My mama is so fat
My mama made it

Obama is a muslim
The Obama Cactus Soap
Obama israel 
Obama is a cactus
Obama is the antichrist
My childhood friend is the President

My worst mistake was loving you

My other car is made of meat
My other ride is your mom

I wonder if heaven got a ghetto

Simon Cowell is gay
Simon Cowell is the king of the beavers
Simon Cowell is hot
Simon Cowell is a prick

I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish I was a baller
I wish I never met you

My hero is me
My hero is you Hayden Penettiere

I am not a human being
I am bored
I am the walrus

I wear my sunglasses at night
I wear my stunna glasses at night
I wear my hear back and forth
I wear your shirt
I wear no pants

I like it on the floor
I like it on the chair
I like it on the couch
I like it on the kitchen table

I see what you did there
I seek golf

In the future there will be robots
In the future there was a war nuclear cats
In the future there will be no secrets
In the future there will be three kinds of people

In the future, I will read at night
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