Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Three Series to Watch Online

Here are three psychology-related series which neatly compliment each other. The humour in Frasier compensates for the lack of such in In Treatment and Lie to Me*. The extended dialogue in In Treatment stimulates in a way that of the two others cannot due to their generical requirements of plot progress. Finally, Lie to Me* provides the engaging conflict of the crime series and a driven plot which to different extent is absent in the others.

Watch the series on these sites, bearing in mind that these have been chosen not from commercial interest, as might be suspected, but for output per calorie burnt. Enjoy!

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All the seasons and all the episodes can be found here. Select one of each, wait for the "close to play" button in the player window to appear, click it and enjoy. Please note that you might find the player more manageable in full screen mode (second button from the right under the player window).

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As In Treatment is an ongoing series, updated, free and accessible sites are hard to come by. However, this site does the job quite well. You need to choose season (under the second category) and then an episode. If there are several to choose from, choose one with a fast loading time. Click the play button in the bottom left corner of the player and enjoy!

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With suitably dead eyes Cal Lightman, portrayed by Tim Roth, solves crime with a method dangerously, though enticingly, close to physiognomy. To watch the ongoing series, click here and follow the same procedure as described under the last heading.

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