Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mr Bob Carpenter

This afternoon I will have a visit from Mr Bob Carpenter. He is similar to his vocational brother the builder in every respect except for his slogan, which in Carpenter's case is: "can we fix it!? Yes, we can, although it will cost you". Never really went down particularly well with any children's hour audiences. But I digress.

He is to build a new ceiling in my living room. This is to cover the naste blue tubes his incompetent plumber chum hung from the bathroom to the kitchen beneath my present ceiling. I thought this would be covered by the cost of the bathroom (a whooping great pile of cash) but it seems it wasn't.

Following the bathroom affair, we spent almost half an hour with Mr Carpenter in awkward silence whereupon he guaranteed that "we would agree on a price" for the roof.

I only hope we won't have to do so before a district attorney.

We'll see this afternoon.

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