Thursday, 14 January 2010

Childhood Obesity

I just met some of the students from last year's nannyclass. It would seem the growth aspect of puberty had come to an abrupt end months before the poor students realized they could not eat three garbage cans of junk and smoke a pack a day without putting on some pounds. Some of these pounds had seemed to manifest themselves solely in acne as well.

The result was a lecture in books, covers and the validity of each as basis for judgement.

Although the person within was still the same unmotivated, spoilt but entertaining in its own way tanning cream catastrophe, the exterior had been renovated in an unmistakably baroque style. I hope for their sake that they actually absorb some of their curriculum and take a more performatively experimental approach to it. It would improve their health and probably also state of mind as well as diminish one of the counts of indictment against western civilisation.

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