Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Forbes Fictional Fifteen

Forbes Magazine, known for tracing the lives and fortunes of the world's wealthy, has an annual list ranking the fifteen wealthiest fictional characters. Previously, Scrooge McDuck has figured in 6 of 8 lists, possibly because his legendary reluctance to spend his wealth. However, after a bet with arch-rival Flintheart Glomhold he lost his entire fortune of $44.1 billion and his place on the list.

Other candidates have failed to qualify, like Gordon Gekko (awaiting trial with funds returned to investors), Jeffrey Lebowski (fictional fortune), Chuck Bass (lost control of Bass Industries to Russell Thorpe) and Arthur Bach (spent his fortune on drink).

With these heavyweights gone, who does that leave for this year's list? Let's have a countdown, shall we?


Jo Bennett
From: The Office
Fortune: $ 1.0 billion
Source: Electronics, inheritance


Robert Crawley
From: Downton Abbey
Fortune: $ 1.1 billion
Source: Inheritance, Marriage


Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns
From: The Simpsons
Fortune: $ 1.3 billion
Source: Energy


Tywin Lannister
From: A Song of Ice and Fire
Fortune: $ 2.1 billion
Source: Inheritance


Lisbeth Salander
From: Stieg Larsson's Millenium Series
Fortune: $ 2.4 billion
Source: Computer Hacking


Mr. Monopoly, A.K.A. Rich Uncle Pennybags
From: The Monopoly Board Game
Fortune: $ 2.5 billion
Source: Real Estate


Forrest Gump
From: Forrest Gump film
Fortune: $ 5.7 billion
Source: Apple Inc.


Bruce Wayne
From: Batman franchise
Fortune: $ 6.9 billion
Source: Inheritance, defense
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Charles Foster Kane
From: Citizen Kane
Fortune: $ 8.3 billion
Source: Media


Richie Rich
From: Richie Rich comics and film
Fortune: $ 8.9 billion
Source: Inheritance, conglomerates


Tony Stark
From: Iron Man comics and film
Fortune: $ 9.3 billion
Source: Defense.


Jed Clampett
From: Beverly Hillbillies series
Fortune: $ 9.8 billion
Source: Oil and Gas


Carlisle Cullen
From: Twilight Saga
Fortune: $ 36.3 billion
Source: Compound Interest, investments


Flintheart Glomgold
From: Disney
Fortune: $ 51.9 billion
Source: Mining, theft


From: The Hobbit
Fortune: $ 62 billion
Source: Marauding

This leaves the top 15 richest fictional characters with a fortune of $209.5 billion, which is 59% up from 2011, much thanks to Smaug. If shared among the real population of the world, each would get $30. For an incredibly thorough article on how they calculated the wealth of Smaug, click here.

Notice also that Santa Claus, who topped the list in 2002 and 2005 is no longer present, so don't expect many presents for Christmas this year!

What do you think? 

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Sources: As given, Forbes.com

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