Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Get Back to Work! - Get all the mindless youtube surfing done in 20 minutes

You have more important and pressing things to do, you just need a short break. However, as soon as you start watching videos on youtube you end up moving to the next video over and over again. Suddenly, you've lost hours.

This post will take you through the most famous viral videos of all time saving you time and bother.

Have a look at these:

Psycho Girl Can't Sing, 10,124,744 views

Star Wars Kid, 23,486,877 views

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!, 40,986,188 views

Numa Numa, 43,491,538 views

Charlie The Unicorn, 60,024,126 views

Chocolate Rain, 72,306,793 views

David After Dentist, 100,174,287 views

Sneezing Baby Panda, 118,257,336 views

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again, 376,293,596

Now get back to work. There's nothing more for you out there just now.

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