Friday, 17 June 2011

Nick Clegg Looking Sad

Poor Nick Clegg. Stuck in an abusive relationship with a man with a shiny head. It doesn't help that he looks sad by default. A bit like Elijah Wood in most of his films, really.

Sad by default

This blog taps into that brilliantly with pictures and captions that can't fail to appeal with their pathos. Here are some of my favourites.


Nick Clegg clicked on 5 iPads to win a free iPad, but there was no free iPad, and now when he tries to open his work stuff loads of arses come on the screen instead.

Nick Clegg made a lasagne but it was far too big, and now he has to eat it all week because he hates throwing away food, and he doesn’t even like lasagne that much.

Nick Clegg sent a girl flowers, but she thought they were from another guy who she liked already, and then the other guy said it was him and took the credit.

Nick Clegg got told by Miriam to tidy the garden when he was already going to do it as a surprise, so now it’ll just look like he did it because she said to

Nick Clegg wanted to listen to Radio 4, but Miriam put on Chris Evans and said if he didn’t like it he could bloody well walk.

Nick Clegg heard a song that reminds him of when his cat was ill.

Remind you a bit of the Chuck Norris facts, don't they? I, for one, have added a new RSS feed to my blog...

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