Monday, 7 February 2011

To Rise above the Beasts - Shaun Ellis

The first post in this series introduced Laura, a musically agile soprano performing the impossible. Now, I am proud to present a rather differently talented gentleman;

Shaun Ellis
 aka "Wolfman"

Shaun Ellis is an Norfolk ex-marine who has taken a rather unusual approach to behavioural biology. Living with different packs of wolves and adopting their ways of communication and beaviour he has gathered fascinating information on these animals. He has explored the human-like social hierarchy in packs, most notably when he lost his position as alpha male during his 2005 stay with a pack in Combe Martin Wildlife Park. Through this unorthodox way of studying wild animals, he has shown how scent, sound and posture are central to their communication and that this can be used by humans to understand and control the behaviour of the wolf population.

Although it can be argued that Ellis' strength does not stem from any talent but rather from perseverance, his ability to communicate with animals which, as so many talents, has been cultivated over several years sets him apart. Through his talent for communication and understanding of the wild, Shaun Ellis, by stooping to the beasts rise above beasts and man alike.

The next four parts of this documentary as well as the one above can be found here.


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