Monday, 14 June 2010

I Can Make Those People Dance - Songs for the Exhausted, Bar 2

The ultimate survivor is Bear Grylls but seeing as horrendous home exams, ten hour writing sessions several days in a row, are not good television no episodes have been made to help fatigued academics in distress. Therefore, I humbly present the second bar in the Songs for the Exhausted series...

10 - Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

Mark Knopfler and Sting together; it had to become a hit. Not only is the liberation of Knopfler's initial solo a powerful pick-me-up and the message of the song something anyone can agree with, but the above music video was one of the first to use computer generated graphics!

9 - Elvis - Viva Las Vegas

This frenetic song from The King with its infectuous mantra might be a bit over the top for some. For these, the ZZ Top version's electrified, synthetic feel might be more homely.

8 - Roxette - How Do You Do

Yes, it is another one from Roxette. The concise guitar and the confident, assertive voices of Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson incorporates that unstoppable 90's optimism.

7 - Ruth Brown - This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'

Admittedly, this 1958 rhythm and blues song stands out in the list but it embodies some of the pre-party impetuous energy which can otherwise only be found in songs like Darkness' Friday Night and The Cure's Friday I'm In Love.

6 - Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel

Finishing in much the same vein as we started this "bar"; what better than a sharpened riff and a text preaching reckless abandon? Heavy Fuel is a macho, British bulldog song for those whose life makes perfect sense.

Cranking up from low to high voltage, move on to the top five energy boosters in Songs for the Exhausted, Bar 3

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