Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lullaby Rock

What do you get when you mix rock and lullabies? A rockabye, of course!

Don't wanna be an American insomniac

Every now and then one stumbles upon pure gold. During strenuous times one might be weighed down with responsibility and find it difficult to sleep at night. Whether you are one of these or a conscientious parent concerned for you toddlers taste and sensitivity, you might find "Rockabye Baby!" a useful site.

Added to wishlist

The concept, it seems, is exchanging guitars, drums and so on for more sleep-friendly instruments such as mellotrons, vibraphones and bells and turning the volume down considerably. There are no vocals, but there seems to be a frog making frequent, contributory appearances. The fact that Rockabye Baby is able to make the songs both recognisable and pleasurable for hardened fans such as myself is a testimony to their skill and the appeal of their products. Offering a number of artists and bands, there should be something for every taste there. Samples can be found at Rockabye baby's website. Alternatively, you might just do a spotify search or whatever you do in order to aquire music.

Following shortly: AC/DC and Kanye West

And thus, after listening through "lullaby renditions of aerosmith" this scriblerian suddenly feels a sudden pull towards the sheets.

Sources: All pictures from the Rockabye Baby homepage, last visited 24.5.2010

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