Monday, 15 February 2010

News for Rabbits

In 1979, four years after Monty Python's infamous dreaded "Killer Rabbit of Caerbannoch", President Jimmy Carter was fishing in Plains, Georgia. He then had a brush with wildlife:

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It is not known whether the rabbit was a Russian assassin in scuba and lepal disguise. However, rabbits are known to cause some damage if cornered. For those who doubted the veracity of the species, this image was supplied:

Here, the malicious rodent can be seen fleeing in wild-eyed disarray after its aquatic assault on the American Primus Inter Pares had been foiled by the latters fervent paddle-bashing.

In other news for rabbits, this time of a newer date:

In 2007, North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung promised his people a giant bunny in every pot. Embassy employees in Germany approached Karl Szmolinsky, famed giant rabbit-breeder, requesting his service for "feeding the population". He sold them four female and two male German grey giants and later visited them so see how the project was coming along.

The proud breeder flaunts his prime product.

The North Korean people is living mainly on foreign aid, due to Kim Il Sung's misguided policies which, in the 90's, lead to widespread famine and 2 million dead.

The rabbits are so large, they find it hard to hop and they have to be fed like pigs to get this big which begs the question; why not breed pigs instead?

Only the binge-drinking, Elvis-loving dictator knows.

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